Connect: For Later Life

Our programme to encourage and reach out to people in the second half of their lives

What Is Connect & Who Is It For?

Connect is a collection of opportunities open to everyone but with a generalised focus on older adults.

We aim to connect with:

  • Each other
  • Friends and neighbours
  • Jesus
  • People who love doing the same activities
  • The church

We work together welcoming people, hosting activities, and seeking to create an environment that enables the building of long lasting and meaningful friendships and relationships together and with Jesus.

Connect Tuesdays

Second Tuesday of each month, 10.30am - 12pm (doors open at 10:15am)

We start with drinks, biscuits and cakes, we aim to help people make new friends and also to build on existing friendships, so there is plenty of opportunity to chat.

Each morning has a theme relevant to our lives. There is usually discussion around one or two questions and then the chance to hear a short talk or interview. The activities are sometimes serious and sometimes fun! We also update people on what else is happening throughout the month and finish the morning with a brief reflection from the Bible.

Connect Activities

There are regular activities every month, and others that happen from time to time.  

These activities fall into four categories:

  • Discover the Past (e.g. town walks and talks of historical interest)
  • Keep Active (e.g. badminton, table tennis, board games, 4+ mile walks in and around Southampton, and leisurely strolls on the Common)
  • Creative (e.g. knitting, painting and other creative activities)
  • Out and About (e.g. coffees, coach trips, visits to gardens etc)

People are responsible for themselves, make their own way to activity, pay for their own tickets, coffee etc.

For further specific details please look at our regular activities page or download our monthly programme

Connect Visiting

As part of our vision to serve the community, monthly coffee mornings for residents are held at two local supported housing facilities:

  • Challis Court on the second Friday - 10:30-12:00
  • South Front on the last Friday - 10:30-12:00

In between times, visits to a greater number of residents take place to maintain contact, develop relationships and share gifts from the Big Difference.

Envisioning & Informing The Wider Church

There are many challenges and opportunities in growing older, and as a group we want to inform the church in the ways we can value, support and reach out to older adults.

Further Information