Knowing God & Following Jesus

Pathway Opportunities At Above Bar Church

Various groups, courses and opportunities to continue on the Spirituality Discipleship Pathway.


Exploring Faith

  • Real Lives Talks - Each of the Real Lives events at Above Bar Church is an opportunity to join in a conversation with an individual about their real world experience of discovering faith and its impact on them and their life.

  • Bethinking - Explore some of the key beliefs of Christianity and find out why Christians believe they are reasonable.

  • Uncover - Explore the Gospel of Mark, Luke or John. Explore who Jesus was and what he claimed about his purpose. See for yourself and make up your mind.

The Bible

  • Lectio 365 - A Christian daily devotional resource that helps you encounter God and shape your life by praying the Bible every day.

  • The Bible Project - Discover a fresh way to experience the Bible, a crowdfunded project that produces media to help people everywhere experience the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus.


  • The Prayer Course - Meet with others, for example in your homegroup, to do this eight-week journey that helps you grow and deepen your prayer life.
The Prayer Course